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Prof. David E. Axelrod


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Research Interests

1) Development of prognostic factors for breast cancer patients based on computer-based quantitative image analysis of human biopsy specimens. 2) Mathematical and computer modeling of breast and of colon cancer progression. Cancer.


Research Support

  • "Cancer Research Mini 2014" NJ Dept Health (DFHS14CRM001) David E. Axelrod Principal Investigator
  • "NJ Breast Cancer Research Fund" NJ Breast Cancer Research Fund David E. Axelrod Principal Investigator

Clinical or Educational Responsibilities

Graduate courses: Cancer Genes & Cells 695:621; Cancer & Clinical Oncology 695:626

Undergraduate course: Cancer 447:495

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📞  (848) 445-2011

📍  Nelson Bio Lab B341
604 Allison Rd.
Piscataway, NJ
08854, 08854

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