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Individuals seeking to be members of the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey (HGINJ) must complete an application and occasionally interact with other HGINJ members or the core facilities. Full and Associate Academic members will have four-year renewable appointments, and all other members will have two-year renewable appointments.

Whether researchers work with prokaryotes, yeast, worms or flies their work is likely to have relevance to human genetics and translational medicine. A primary goal of HGINJ is to translate bench discovery into tools that will benefit human health.

We seek applicants with interests in basic, clinical, epidemiological/population sciences and computer science or bioinformatics. We also seek members involved in the delivery of genetics healthcare services.

  • Applicants may have activities related to research, education or clinical service in the field of human or medical genetics.
  • Applicants may do research that utilizes model organisms to investigate questions relevant to human genetics.
  • Applicants may be involved in the development of drugs, diagnostic tests or medical devices.

Internal members shall include individuals from Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. There will also be a limited number of residential members with research space in HGINJ facilities.

External members shall include individuals from organizations such as private or public institutions of higher education, nonprofit institutions with 501(c)(3) IRS status, for-profit organizations including small businesses, government agencies, faith-based or community-based organizations, regional organizations, and companies from the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors.



Academic Members

Full Academic Members

Applicants seeking full membership should have an independent program with direct or indirect relevance to human genetics, human/medical genetics education or clinical practice. Applicants who do research should be the PI or co-PI on at least one funded grant (currently or within the past year) and have recent publications. Applicants providing clinical service or education should have current responsibilities in these areas and authorship on peer-reviewed publications.

Associate Academic Members

Applicants seeking associate membership include new or existing faculty of any rank at Rutgers who do not meet full membership criteria. We especially encourage established faculty members who wish to learn more about human genetics.

Students, Laboratory Personnel and Administrative Staff

We encourage undergraduates, graduate students, medical students, postdoctoral fellows, laboratory technicians, and administrative staff with interests in human genetics to become members. This requires only a statement of current position and interests.

Non-Academic Members

Members of non-academic, public and private organizations are welcome to join. A brief statement of interest is required. Applicants from clinical settings, advocacy groups, genetic or family counseling or the biotechnology or pharmaceutical sectors will be considered.



  • Eligibility to compete for HGINJ grants and prizes.
  • Inclusion on HGINJ website and registry.
  • Planned services include CLIA/CAP-approved DNA sequencing and analytics.
  • Access to colleagues from diverse areas with shared interests in human and medical genetics.
  • Invitation to participate in the development of new research and training programs.
  • Access to HGINJ vendor programs including:
    • Pre-commercial technologies
    • Preferred reagent pricing
    • Advanced technical support and training.
  • Subsidized services and priority access to HGINJ facilities for academic members including comprehensive biobanking, microscopy, Sanger and NextGen sequencing, analytical and functional analyses and stem cell services. See our full listing of services.
  • Receipt of all HGINJ seminar and program announcements, bi-annual newsletters, annual report and/or calendar of events.



All members of the Human Genetics Institute of New Jersey are expected to:

  • Participate in education programs and activities, such as seminars and bi-annual symposia.
  • Have an interest in working collaboratively with other HGINJ members on existing and newly proposed research programs or new training programs.
  • Report sponsored program funding, peer-reviewed publications, and other information on an annual basis.



Collaborative Research for Translational Solutions