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An upright bright-field microscope equipped with a CCD color camera for true-color imaging. Objective lenses include Plan 2x/0.06 NA, Plan-Fluor 4x/0.13 NA, Plan-Apo 10x/0.45 NA, Plan-Apo 20x/0.75 NA, Plan-Fluor 40x/0.75 NA, Plan-Apo 60x/1.4 NA oil and Plan-Fluor100x /1.3 NA oil. The system camera, Lumenera 3-3URC offers high-sensitive Sony ICX674 CCD sensor, 2.8 megapixel resolution and high-speed USB 3.0 interphase. The basic acquisition software is “INFINITY CAPTURE” and optimized for histology-stained specimens.


  • Plan 2x/0.06 NA
  • Plan-Fluor 4x/0.13 NA
  • Plan-Apo 10x/0.45 NA
  • Plan-Apo 20x/0.75 NA
  • Plan-Fluor 40x/0.75 NA
  • Plan-Apo 60x/1.4 NA oil
  • Plan-Fluor100x /1.3 NA oil


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