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Christina Bergey

Assistant Professor

Research Interests

Christina Bergey’s research aims to understand how organisms adapt to their environment with a focus on the evolution of complex, polygenic traits. To do so, her group uses population, evolutionary, and functional genomic approaches to understand the effects of past selection on modern medically-relevant phenotypes, testing evolutionary hypotheses in humans, non-human primates, and disease vectors. More broadly, Dr. Bergey and her team want to understand how ecological, behavioral, cultural, or anthropogenic factors impact adaptive evolution.
Bergey’s current major projects include:
1. Investigating human adaptations to life in the rainforests of Africa, including the evolution of small body size (the “pygmy” phenotype) in rainforest hunter-gatherers,
2. Understanding the co-evolution of malaria with its human and primate hosts and mosquito vector, and
3. Exploring how primates have adapted to their environments with a particular focus on gene flow between species in Africa.

Clinical or Educational Responsibilities

For Fall 2021, I am the instructor for Evolutionary Medicine (01:447:356) at Rutgers. I currently advise three PhD students and serve on the committees for five other students. I also supervice mentored research or teaching projects for five Rutgers undergraduate students.

Research Programs

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